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Ask The Right Questions To Get The Job

You prepared carefully for the job interview and it’s gone swimmingly. But that smug expression changes as the interviewer utters those dreaded words: “so are there any questions that you would like to ask me?”

At this point, if you really want the job, don’t even think of fobbing them off with a remark such as; “No, I think you have covered everything.” All this does is shows a potential employer that you may be ill prepared, or lack imagination and confidence.

This is backed up by a study carried out by ‘Career Builder’ which states that 29% of recruiters said that a candidate asking the wrong questions was reason enough not to give them the job. So don’t be tempted to inquire about parking validation and whether your office will be south facing, your interviewer will want to see if you are prepared, inquisitive and intelligent enough to come up with valid questions!

Here are six questions that we have put together based on our experience, to help you nail that job;

Q) Is there anything that stands out to you that makes you think I might not be the right fit for this job?

It takes nerve to ask a question like this, but it can also be beneficial. Not only does it give you a chance to redeem any hesitations the employer might have about you, it also demonstrates that you can take constructive criticism and are eager to improve, which are valuable qualities in any candidate.

Q) What improvements or changes do you hope the new candidate will bring to this position?

The answer to this can shed light on what might have made the last person lose (or leave) the job. You are also showing an eagerness and willingness to work with their expectations.

Q) What  plans are there for the future?

Asking this question shows that not only are you interested in the job, but you are savvy enough to want reassurance for your own career future. Someone this forward thinking will certainly stand out.

Q) What types of training opportunities do you offer?

This question highlights the fact that you are keen to advance your skills, thus adding further value to the role

Q) Is there scope for promotion in the future?

This will emphasis your determination to progress personally. You are also showing that you are interested in the job on a long term basis.

Q) Would you mind me telling you a little about the ideas I have to develop new clients/ideas/systems etc?

Not everyone would be comfortable asking this question as it is rather a cheeky way of getting permission to promote yourself. That said, even when interviewing for a healthcare role, the interviewer will be impressed with your plucky ‘go getting’ attitude.

Good luck with the interview!

At Safehands Recruitment, candidates are our lifeblood and if you are looking for temporary or permanent work we would like to hear from you.

Our commitment is to provide you with the best employment opportunities we can. We understand how important it is to match the right job with the right candidate.

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