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Environmental recruitment agency

Caring for the environment

As a group we are constantly striving to minimise our carbon footprint and maximise the way we support the natural environment


Caring for the environment

At Safehands we understand how our behaviour impacts the environment

We are committed to make changes in our day-to-day activities to protect the planet. We collectively believe that we must help our planet by adopting and effectively implementing environmentally friendly and sustainable policies and practices.

Environmental & Sustainability
Our commitment to change:

Here are just some of the ways we as a business are changing to help do our part for the environment.

  • Green Mark accreditation
    We now have Green Mark Level 2 accreditation! Green Mark provides an internationally recognised environmental certification for companies that want to assure their clients and employees that they are conducting business to recognised environmental standards.
  • Green Teams
    As of 2021 the Green Teams has been initiated, with monthly steering meetings. This consist of a group of employees who are actively engaged in kick-starting a Green Company Culture. This is done by finding creative solutions to environmental problems in our workplace. As a company, we want to limit any potential damage and make a positive impact on the environment.
  • The Environmental Policy
    Our Environmental Policy underlines one of our primary goals, which is to access the environmental impact of all past, current, and likely future operations, and fully integrate environmental considerations and objectives into its business decisions.
  • Environmental Awareness Training
    We take the time to educate our staff on what can be done to improve our carbon footprint as a business.
  • Company Vehicle Policy
    We reviewed our company car policy to ensure all new vehicles will be either electric or hybrid vehicles.
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
    The scheme has many benefits, such as Healthier Lifestyle, cost-saving on the commute to work and reducing pollution and the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Recycling
    We use signage to encourage recycling, with an ongoing focus on raising awareness and encouraging engagement.
  • Going Paperless
    Across our branches, we use paper that is sourced from sustainably managed forest sources. Our printers are defaulted to 2-sided printing to reduce paper consumption and we introduced paper-free invoicing and payroll systems, which will save 189,600 sheets of paper per annum. To further reduce paper usage, we have launched in 2020, an online application system and the staff are encouraging candidates to use it. We will significantly reduce the amount of paperwork printed by transitioning to online application forms and using digital signing documents.
  • Utility, Waste and Travelling tracking
    As a group we are implementing carbon footprint monitoring in a bid to reduce our impact
  • Green Energy Electricity Contract
    Green energy is important for the environment as it replaces the negative effects of fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly alternatives. Derived from natural resources, green energy is also often renewable and clean, meaning that they emit no or few greenhouse gases. Our biggest improvement will be shifting to Green Energy all over the branches.
  • Charity and giving back
    All reusable IT equipment is also donated to IT Schools Africa. IT Schools Africa is a UK registered charity that provides quality education through access to e-Learning for school children in Africa whilst simultaneously in the UK.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key driver for the way in which RE Recruitment operates. Our CSR program leads our efforts to improve our effect on the broader community and the environment, enhancing our commitment to follow the best business practices and ensuring our long-term sustainability. Click below to read our environmental & sustainability practices.


Our green pledges

Safehands recruitment have a dedicated team that meet monthly to discuss our environmental policy
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