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Awards and Recognition in the Workplace

The benefits of keeping your team motivated

Recognising employees efforts demonstrates that the job they do each day is valuable to the business. The recognition they receive through awards schemes or other methods sends the message that their hard work is valued and worth rewarding.  When you show employees that you see and appreciate their efforts and then take the time to recognise the impact they have, those employees feel good about what they do and take those feelings home each day.

Improves the Overall environment

As with many jobs, including ours as healthcare recruiters, there are often times your employees will have to work extra hours and even on weekends. If employees feel their importance as members of your organisation, they are generally happier to go that extra mile. The need to extend working hours will not feel like they are overworked or forced to do extra hours, but they are willing to do so to support the company. Essentially, happy workers are more motivated, more engaged and more inclined to do better taking pride in their work and striving for the best. Throughout our five brands, each quarter we hold our Core Values awards. This involves each employee voting for the person they think best represents each core value. Rewards that incorporate recommendations are great for team spirit, as they encourage staff to see the positive attributes that each other have. Allowing colleagues to nominate one another for rewards is empowering, as it demonstrates that they value each other’s opinion.

Proud to work for the Company

Another advantage of recognising your employees for their efforts at work drives them to become emotionally committed to the organisation they work with. A recent study shows that staff who receive recognition and rewards are 14% more engaged with their work, more productive and deliver quality customer service to the customers they work with. In a business where employees are the frontline of communication, it is essential for them to offer good customer experience to retain customers and attract potential clients. The happier they are to be at work, the more this is visible through the good service they provide. In the end, it will be the organisation who benefits from engaged and committed members of your team.


If your employees are engaged with your business, they will want to promote and sell the business to potential new staff and customers, much more than someone who doesn’t care about it. Rewarding hard work generates loyalty with your organisation and an emotional bond. Longstanding members of staff are generally more loyal than newcomers. They have developed a positive working relationship with other colleagues and managers. All this can make them much easier to motivate, as a satisfied employee is one that will go above and beyond to support the company, share expertise, resolve conflict, suggest improvements and help co-workers. Retaining staff is priority, so encouraging a strong company culture as well as offering rewards and recognition provides them with a tangible reason to stay.

The best way to keep staff happy and motivated is to recognise their achievements and reward their efforts. A study released earlier this year revealed that more than 43% of the 1,700 respondents indicated that recognition and rewards impact their decision to stay with their current employer or look for new employment. Rewards and recognition for an employee’s hard work, does not have to be of huge monetary value, It can also be as simple as a genuine compliment, a ‘thank you’ email or a friendly greeting at work. You may be pleasantly surprised that showing some appreciation to staff can have such a big impact on staff morale and productivity. Our Safehands team thoroughly enjoyed the Awards evening, celebrating all the success of CareTech and the outstanding care that they provide with the help of Safehands Recruitment and our fantastic staff.

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