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Care as a Career Change

With many of us expected to work until we’re well into our 70s, it’s not surprising that more and more people are looking to escape the mundane by finding jobs they enjoy and that add value to society. What do you get out of your job? Is it satisfaction or fulfilment? Or is it variety and challenge on a daily basis? If the answer is that you don’t get any of those things from your job and you’re looking for a change, then a career in care could be for you. Care is a profession that makes a real difference and genuinely transforms lives, so it’s no surprise that people turn to the sector when they want to find something more meaningful. But how easy is it to transition into a job in social care?

You won’t need previous experience

One good thing about the care industry is that lack of specific experience, training or formal qualifications isn’t necessarily a barrier to entry. This makes it a great option for someone looking to re-train. Employers will mostly want to see people getting into care for the right reasons, which is to make a difference.

Roles in care can be physically and mentally demanding, so you need be a patient, resilient and understanding person. A passion for looking after people and having the right attitude towards this responsibility will be more important to employers than your experience or qualification level, so make sure you think about whether this is actually your personality. If it is, employers are usually happy to train the right people themselves.

At Safehands, we support our candidates by offering free training and free DBS to make the transition even smoother. Get in touch to find out more…

A variety of different care roles 

The care industry is a vital part of our healthcare system and therefore, despite what many people might think, it’s an incredibly varied sector with lots of different roles and careers options available to candidates. From care home manager to youth worker, well being practitioner or occupational therapist, the choice is pretty varied. It’s also an industry that’s growing with rapid speed to meet the ever-changing needs of society. It’s estimated that over the next 5 years there will be 3 million paid jobs to fill in the care sector. With lots of avenues and opportunities to explore, the first step is to have a look at the different options – speak to one of our recruiters to help you decide which area you would most like to work in.

Applying is easy

Once you’ve established what it is you want to do, the same rules apply as for any other job hunt. Fully research what employers want to see from candidates and make sure you highlight these things in your CV or at interview. Even if you haven’t got direct experience, you will probably have picked up transferable skills in your previous career that will be invaluable in your new venture. Team-work, customer service, working with the public, communications, business and IT are just some of the many skills that will make you employable in the eyes of recruiters. If you are then invited to an interview, make sure you know everything there is to know about the organisation, by showing that you’ve really taken an interest in their goals and ethos. Explain how you will fit in with these things.

Make a difference…

Finally, don’t let fear hold you back! Although making a career change can be a difficult decision to take, if you know that you need something new, follow your intuition and be confident that you’ll find a role to suit you no matter what your age or experience level. The healthcare system looks after all members of society, so it makes sense that care workers also come from a variety of backgrounds. Care is one of the most rewarding industries out there and taking the leap will mean you’ll make a huge difference to numerous lives. If you’re passionate about improving the quality of the lives of people who need extra support, care will offer you a gratifying and exciting career path.

Are you thinking about switching to a career in care? If you’re looking for training options or even just advice on moving into the sector, we can help you with the basics and get you ready for entry into the industry. Get in touch here, or on Facebook or Twitter and let our consultants help you plan your next move!

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