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Health Assured Employee Assistant Programme

Every job has its daily struggle, this we know.  The crucial question, however, lies as to whether these harder moments have a greater impact on your life? How we encounter and respond to difficult circumstances can vary for everyone; it is simply ‘okay to not be okay’.

Working within the Health and Social care sector has its own unique challenges

Working within the Health and Social care sector has its own unique challenges, dealing with the everyday struggle of those in our care, be it physical, mental or both.   We are fully aware of the emotional tole life as a carer can bring and the impact it may have on some more than others.  Making mental health a priority of ours, we are pleased to be signed up with Health Assured, for their award-winning Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

The number of care workers in the UK today

Often bound by confidentiality and the patients’ wishes, withholding information can also result in suppressing mental strain.  The number of care workers in the UK today, who are yet to speak out to others about their mental health, still remains high.  The aim of the EAP is to offer confidential support to help overcome physical, mental, social and/or financial challenges – or any issues for that matter.  A 24 hour helpline is in place providing confidential and compassionate support to all our staff whenever they are in need.

Health Assured e-hub and online portal

Life pressures occurring at any time and place, the Health Assured e-hub and online portal is also an easily accessible tool for all our workforce at Safehands, whenever faced with any troubles.  Here, videos, webinars, guides and online cognitive behaviour therapies can be accessed.

Please get in touch with us to find out more about the EAP programme or to discuss any issues you may be battling.  In the meantime have a look at the Health Assured website here.

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