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How to Attract Good Temporary Care Staff


Healthcare is arguably one of the most challenging industries to recruit for. According to the Office for National Statistics, healthcare had the most job adverts out of all UK industries in December 2022.

Given the fact that many care providers are currently experiencing huge staff shortages, there’s clearly a lot of competition for care workers. Therefore, it’s vitally important to make your temporary job vacancies as attractive as possible, enabling you to fill positions quickly and retain top talent.

As an experienced temporary care staff agency, Safehands understands the many challenges that come with sourcing temporary care workers. In this guide, we share some useful tips on how to attract the best possible healthcare talent in such an ultra-competitive market.

Offer Competitive Rates of Pay & Benefits

Poor rates of staff in the healthcare industry is mostly caused by inadequate pay and benefits packages. Offering competitive rates of pay demonstrates your company’s commitment to your workforce. This should include higher hourly rates for evening, weekend and bank holiday work, as well as sign-on bonuses.

We highly recommend conducting regular market research to ensure that your salaries for temporary care workers remain competitive. This will prevent temporary staff from leaving for other care providers. This will also allow you to build a positive reputation in the industry, making you more attractive to future care workers.

Prioritise Flexibility & Work-Life Balance

Temporary care workers favour employers who appreciate the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Being forced to work for long hours in a demanding role can take its toll on an individual’s health. Many health and social care staff end up leaving the industry because of stress and burnout, further increasing staff shortages in the sector.

You should always endeavour to acknowledge your temporary care workers’ dedication to the role by offering flexible working schedules. Allowing care staff to submit their preferences and choose shifts that work around their schedules will boost their morale, encouraging them to return for future assignments.

Provide Opportunities for Professional Development

Temporary care workers are more likely to choose employers that advertise opportunities for professional development. Provide your employees with access to any relevant training programs, workshops, and certifications. This will give them the chance to improve their skills and advance their careers to more senior levels, which is a win-win situation for all parties involved. 

Care providers who offer education and training opportunities will also see an increase in temporary care worker satisfaction. This will motivate staff to work harder when delivering care services to vulnerable people in the community.

Foster a Supportive Working Environment

Fostering a positive work environment is vital to retaining a strong temporary workforce at your home care company. Make sure that you make any temporary care workers feel welcome and carry out all the essential induction programmes. You should also offer access to important wellbeing resources, as well as rewarding your team for their efforts.

If temporary workers don’t feel welcome, they may begin to distance themselves and perform poorly in their roles. By prioritising the wellbeing of your workforce, you’ll also improve the quality of care and support provided, which will pay dividends for your care business.

Communicate Openly & Encourage Feedback

Always make an effort to communicate openly and honestly with your temporary care workers. Conduct regular check-ins and keep them informed about their job requirements and progression within the role, as well as highlighting any opportunities for further development.

You should also seek regular feedback from care staff and listen to any concerns or suggestions for improvement. This will help you identify and resolve any issues quickly, building a sense of trust between you and your temporary workforce. If your temporary care workers trust you, they are more likely to seek future employment with you.

Your Dedicated Temporary Care Staff Agency

Are you searching for more temporary care workers? Do you need some assistance with attracting the best possible staff? With over 20 years experience as a temporary home care agency, Safehands offers ultimate flexibility when you need it the most. Whether you’re seeking a new temporary healthcare assistant, care home assistant, healthcare administrator, childcare assistant, registered nurse or mental health support worker, we can help you find your next hire quickly.

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