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Top 5 Benefits of Partnering with a Nursing Recruitment Agency


Due to various economic pressures and staff shortages across the healthcare sector, nurses are always in high demand. Healthcare providers may be forced to compete for quality nursing candidates, with little to no success when recruiting directly. That’s where a nursing recruitment agency, like us here at Safehands Recruitment, can step in.

Working with a nursing recruitment agency has a whole host of benefits, allowing you to save precious time, money and resources. We have compiled a list of our top 5 reasons why you should use nursing recruitment agencies – allowing you to spend less time recruiting, and more time providing the best possible quality of care to vulnerable individuals.

Gain Access to a Large Pool of Professionals

A key advantage of employing a nursing recruitment agency is the immediate access to an expansive network of pre-vetted, qualified nursing professionals, available at short notice to meet your staffing needs.

All nurses will have been vetted and background-checked to ensure that their knowledge is up to date. The agency will also ensure that they have the correct licences, certifications, training and experience for the role. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that any candidates will be fully competent and have the necessary skills to succeed at your organisation.

Fill Vacancies Quickly

Recruitment is an extremely time-consuming process and involves many hours of tedious administration work. Nursing recruitment agencies have the expertise and resources available to source skilled nurses quickly, speeding up every stage of the recruitment process.

The agency will contact qualified candidates within their database and organise interviews on your behalf. You can then focus on conducting the interviews and choosing the best nurse for your organisation. Once you’ve selected your ideal candidate, the nursing recruitment agency can generate timesheets and payroll, allowing your new starter to begin working with you very quickly.

Save Money & Resources

As well as being time-consuming, recruiting for new healthcare professionals can be costly to your organisation. Hiring skilled professionals via a nursing recruitment agency is a more cost-effective method compared to hiring directly. There’s no need to spend money and resources on completing administrative tasks yourself, as the agency will handle all payroll, taxes and HR.

The cheapest way to manage your staff levels is by retaining your current workforce. Maintaining a long-term partnership with a nursing recruitment agency allows them to deeply understand your needs and source the right candidates for your company. This means any new staff you do hire via a recruitment agency are likely to stay with you for many years.

Reduce Your Workload & Stress

Not only is finding the best nurse time-consuming and costly; it can also be quite stressful. Spending time conducting unsuccessful interviews with poor-quality candidates can leave you feeling anxious and burnt out.

By working with a nursing recruitment agency, you can reduce the amount of time dealing with candidates in the initial stages. They will handle every aspect of the recruitment process with ease, so you don’t have to deal with the pressure of workforce shortages for long. You’ll simply be required to interview any candidates that the agency presents to you, before choosing your new team member.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

Working with a nursing recruitment agency gives you ultimate flexibility when managing your workforce. You can respond quickly to your business’ needs and access skilled professionals at short notice. New nurses can be hired on a temporary or permanent basis, and you can easily alter staffing levels in response to busy periods or staff shortages.

This is also a benefit for many agency nurses, who may require flexibility with regards to their hours, location, or area of expertise. This flexible approach to staffing solutions is a win-win for everybody involved, offering greater nurse-patient ratios and better overall quality of care.

Partner with Safehands for Expert Nursing Recruitment Solutions

Are you searching for skilled professionals to join your team on a temporary or permanent basis? Choose Safehands as your next recruitment partner. As an expert nursing recruitment agency, we will act as a true extension of your business, helping you find your next hire quickly. Submit your job vacancy today to begin the hiring process.

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