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Why A Temporary Position Might Suit You

The employment market has been uncertain for a number of years. Why then do people still choose temporary work over permanent and more secure positions?

The answer is that people who choose temporary work understand the enormous benefits that it can yield; from the gathering of new skills, to the flexibility it can bring and the wealth of experience that can be gained. The savvy also know that temporary positions can very often lead on to permanent roles.

Benefits Of Being A Temporary Worker

We outline some benefits of temporary work below:

  • Short-Term Commitment – Your circumstances may dictate that you can’t commit to a long-term career for a variety of reasons. It may be that you are not entirely sure which career path to take, in which case temporary work will afford you insight into a variety of jobs that you might otherwise never gain. It also enables you to explore your options by using your different skills to determine what career you wish to pursue. You also have the advantage of working short-term jobs without having to worry that your CV suggests that you’re a job-hopper.
  • Flexibility – Temporary assignments offer you the flexibility to devote time to other important areas of your life such as family or other interests. Stay-at-home parents discover temporary employment satisfies the need to stay current in their field, yet still be a hands on parent. School holidays can be very expensive in terms of childcare, or it may be that you wish to spend this time at home, either way you are not obliged to take any contracts that conflict with the school holidays. Generally speaking, you can enjoy a great deal more freedom, not only in your daily duties but also in holidays, careers breaks and working hours.
  • Variety is the spice of life – If you are not looking for a particular career, then changing employer on a regular basis will keep your working life fresh and exciting. It will also give you the benefit of experiencing a variety of challenges as well as working with a variety of different people – and you will wont be around long enough to get involved with any workplace politics. If you are looking to branch into a particular career, facing different challenges means additional experience for you and more experience to add to your CV.
  • The Best Interview you will ever have – When you send a CV, or go for a job interview, you are very limited in how much you can show the interviewers what you have to offer. You are also up against other candidates, some who may well ‘interview’ better than you on the day. When you are temping, you have the opportunity to make an excellent impression over a period of time. It may be that the company hiring the temporary worker is actually looking for someone to fill the role on a permanent basis. It may be that another branch is recruiting and your name is put forward. It may even be that right now there is not a permanent position available, but when there is, it is you who they will call.
  • Protection – One of the many common misconceptions about temporary workers is that they have no rights. You will be interested to learn however, that temporary workers actually have more rights than ever, as well as many benefits. Sickness and holiday pay are now a legal requirement as well as a right to expect the same working conditions as the permanent employers, right down to salary after an ongoing contract of 12 weeks.


If you are an employer looking for staff or a candidate seeking job opportunities then Safehands Recruitment can help you. We specialise in supplying staff into Health and Social Care environments.

At Safehands Recruitment, candidates are our lifeblood and if you are looking for temporary or permanent work we would like to hear from you.

Our commitment is to provide you with the best employment opportunities we can. We understand how important it is to match the right job with the right candidate.

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