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Why health & social care is a good investment

The impact of Covid 19 on Britain’s care homes was a public health crisis that no one saw coming. In the week ending 19 April, 651 of the 682 coronavirus outbreaks reported across the whole of England were in care homes [Public Health England PHE].

The Department for Health and Social Care funds health services in England and the projected spend on healthcare is vast at £201.7 billion in 2020/21, up from £148.8 billion in 2019/20.

As the NHS is under enormous pressure, this includes money required to be spent on business providers in, for example, preventative healthcare services, support with long-term conditions/disabilities, counselling, and education, to mention a few.

Health and Social Care is undoubtedly relevant to all 65 million in the UK which presents many opportunities and target markets for new healthcare businesses. One way to start a business is via a franchise. Safehands Recruitment is now open to applications for entrepreneurs interested in opening a healthcare recruitment franchise; so, you can take a leap of faith and embrace your inner entrepreneur with a successful, established brand, with the support and knowledge of our team. But let’s take a look at healthcare franchises in general.

The first consideration to owning any successful franchise must be based on profit, as franchises often vary in popularity and returns. Some well-liked and accepted franchises range from car repair shops to fast-food outlets; however, healthcare franchises are growing rapidly in popularity and we have put together a few reasons why our brand is a great investment.


Regardless of what franchise you might be interested in, you want to feel safe in the knowledge that it will generate decent profits. No-one wants to invest thousands of pounds on start-up costs to launch a franchise that fails. So, you need to research which franchises and sectors are succeeding – health and social care is one of them.

There is a perpetual need for healthcare, irrespective of how the economy is performing or the latest business trend, healthcare demand remains constant. Especially in the post-pandemic environment and as the population grows, more people will need to access care, therefore you will generate significant returns with our franchise fairly quickly. The sector is very much future and recession-proof.


When you make a franchise investment you are buying into a ready-made business model with tried and tested back-office support, marketing, recruitment, and staff training. Depending on the type of franchise that grabs your attention, investment costs will fluctuate wildly, as you will need to invest in infrastructures, such as offices, buildings, and associated assets – and some require more than others.

Let’s consider the fast-food sector; a typical top-drawer franchise like McDonald’s, Subway, or Dunkin’ Donuts, will set you back anywhere between £400,000 and £2 million as a minimum initial investment. This is an unrealistic capital outlay for many people, whereas a healthcare franchise is more within reach, starting at around £35,000. With this lower investment cost combined with high and steady demand for healthcare services, you are guaranteed to recoup your investment.


Healthcare franchises can grow quickly due to the low investment and the high demand for services across the country. Moreover, the Safehands Recruitment brand has established and diverse offerings spanning not only health but also social care such as supporting adults and children with complex needs and disabilities.  This includes those with learning and physical disabilities, mental health issues, autistic spectrum disorders, acquired brain injuries, sensory impairment, and drug rehabilitation. Therefore, there are many opportunities to cultivate niche sectors and drive revenues – maximising returns and minimising risk is key.


Starting a business from scratch, on your own, can be daunting and high-risk, but when you invest in our franchise, you are joining a prosperous enterprise with access to support, knowledge, proven operational practices, branding, marketing, and contacts.
Our manageable-sized franchise system enables us to focus on your needs and wants. We can provide detailed training to enhance your understanding of the care sectors and business operations so that being your own boss doesn’t have to involve the uncertainty of a stand-alone business. Along the way, you will gain insights into the latest innovations, legislation, and insurance issues relevant to the industry.

Being part of our reputable health and social care brand will also provide the necessary kudos as a trusted and established operator in this sector, facilitating negotiations for low-cost supplies/equipment as well as lucrative healthcare contracts, for example.
Don’t take our word for it, here’s Oli Yullie, one of our franchisees based in Bristol: Bristol Franchise Video

If you would like more information on how to become a Safehands Recruitment franchisee, please contact:

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