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Common Support Worker Interview Questions

As with any interview process, it is essential you are prepared.  Whether you are an experienced support worker or going for your very first interview, you must demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities involved, whilst expressing a passion towards working in care.

Support work, yes, does have its physical, mental and emotional challenges, but this goes hand in hand with it being a highly rewarding and fulfilling profession.  Interview questions will therefore be asked to assess your suitability and capability as a support worker.  Playing a key role in ensuring the independence and improved quality of life for vulnerable people by displaying good interpersonal skills gives hiring managers an indication of your relationship building skills.

To help in your next interview, we have provided some common support worker interview questions.  In addition, we’ve listed a few things to consider when interviewing for specific roles.

Can you describe what you think a care worker does?

Quite early on into any interview, you are likely to be asked a question along these lines. This broad question offers you the chance to demonstrate your grasp on, and overall knowledge of, the care sector.  Being a very open question, it will show the employer whether you understand the expectations of the job and give indication to any research done.  Be fully prepared, especially if it is a new area of support work!

What can you bring to this support worker position?

In other words, “what more can you offer…”.  Certainly, a daunting question in any interview, though one with no one right answer!  Rather it is your chance to speak openly about your personal qualities, skills and previous experience.  Essentially, your time to sell yourself as fitting for the role, so be sure to show confidence and pride when communicating your previous experience.  As a profession with many subjective experiences, due to the inevitable encounters of unique individuals and situations; sharing a diverse background of experience, with some unusual cases, will give you that edge!

Can you outline a challenging experience that you have had, and how you dealt with it?

Unfortunately, it is the nature of support work to encounter challenging and rarely, different situations.  It is only natural that the employer will want to know about your ability to work under pressure, and when supporting a range of different individuals, how you would cope in new and unfamiliar situations.  You should draw on previous challenging roles that required quick decision making, and where you were able to strictly follow regulations and procedures.

Describe how you would assess a client’s needs?

As a support worker, there will always remain a sensitive balance between assisting and advising clients and leaving them to their own abilities. Knowing when to draw the line is key to facilitating their independence and learn on their own to be less reliant.   Unless, of course, it is physically required, you should express the importance of functioning independently, and the happiness that comes with independence.

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